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VMware Horizon authentication using AzureAD (with multifactor)

Securing external connections to your VMware Horizon environment is not always easy. However, you might already have all the tools necessary to allow external users to access your VMware Horizon environment in a secure way, by which I mean, using multi-factor authentication. If you have: A VMware Horizon environment using Unified Access Gateway for external access A MS 365 or Office 365 subscription AzureAD synced with on-premises AD MFA set… Read More »VMware Horizon authentication using AzureAD (with multifactor)


Why and how I became a VMware vExpert

What is the VMware vExpert program? I first found out about the VMware vExpert program at the end of 2019. As many others I guess, I first thought of the vExpert program as a program for people who have deep technical knowledge about VMware products. What else would “expert” mean? But after reading a bit more about the program, I quickly found out deep technical knowledge was not a requirement… Read More »Why and how I became a VMware vExpert

My first VMware homelab

Some of you might be surprised by the title of this blog post, but yes, this is a post about my first real VMware homelab I set up during the final days of the soon-to-forget year of 2020. So how can an experienced VMware engineer get all his experience if he doesn’t even have a homelab to play with? Well, in the past years, I’ve always had a test environment… Read More »My first VMware homelab